Learn Forex and Futures Trading with Edgesense Trading Method

No “get rich quick” plans. No “Holy Grails”. Only common sense, logic and statistics.


This educational course aims to help traders to achieve multi-year consistency in returns using systematical approach, to adapt to changes in market regimes, and to better control risk using automated trading strategies.

The purpose of the course is to develop a set of specific skills and a mindset which is essential for successful systematical market research. Unlike most other courses that aim to teach any particular trading method, this course rather develops a framework to generate new trading methods appropriate for particular markets.

What is Edgesense?

This is a proprietary method of market research which successfully combines traditional quantitative trading methods with fundamental analysis and elements of market structure analysis. This is also a comprehensive course in systematic trading and trading automation. It features methods of finding trading ideas, market research, market sentiment, trading algorithms development, backtesting, optimization, portfolio design, money management and risk management.

Everything required to become a sophisticated systematic trader in one course.

Problems and their Solutions

The main problem of traditional quantitative methods is that most of them do not take into account fundamental factors which are hard to quantify: for example, global changes in market regime. This makes quantitative strategies short-living.

On the other hand, traditional fundamental analysis solves the problem of adapting to changes in the market, but requires a certain degree of discretion when making actual trading decisions.

Edgesense method merges the best of these two worlds: it teaches how to quantitatively assess fundamental factors and combine this analysis with traditional quantitative trading methods. This mix allows to successfully withstand even the most radical changes in market regime and adapt to them.

Course outline

The course covers all the three essential steps to successful systematic trading.

Step 1. How to discover trading ideas?

Learn the market structure and how markets operate. Meet the market participants and learn their patterns of behaviour.

Step 2. How to test these ideas?

Transform these patterns into algorithms. Write codes based on these algorithms for a robust trading platform such as TradeStation, MultiCharts, NinjaTrader, Deltix and others. Run various stress-testing.

Step 3. How to actually manage risk in trading?

Calculate your exposure based on strong statistical analysis. Use systematized knowledge about market structure and fundamental factors to adapt to changes in market regimes.

Each step takes one month to accomplish.

Why should I take this course?

Trade systematically and avoid trading emotionally.

Correctly test every trading idea before risking real money.

Adequately estimate exposure to prevent excessive losses.

Estimate the chances for a strategy to perform in the future.

In general this course might help opening up opportunities for your further career in trading regardless of whether trading is your profession or not. This course already helped a number of hedge fund and investment bank traders, proprietary traders with prop firms, and private traders who invest in long-term personal wealth management or just trade for a living.

Need more information?

Contact us to get a free consultancy on how Edgesense educational course can help you achieving your goals. You will watch a presentation explaining the essence of the Edgesense trading method and featuring its benefits for systematic traders.

Continue reading to learn more about the Edgesense trading course and find answers to many important and frequently asked questions.

Why Edgesense?

“Edgesense” is an acronym: “edge” means the trader’s advantage in the market, and “sense” refers to “common sense”: the key axiom of this method is that we should trade only what we can understand, and we can understand only what does make sense. Therefore we should understand and discover real internal market processes rather than just look at charts, technical analysis and indicators. This is what makes this trading method robust and what makes this educational course absolutely unique.

The main focus of the course is on trading forex and stock index futures. However the same knowledge and methods can be successfully applied to options trading and various OTC derivatives.

And the best of all — you will be able to test all ideas to make sure that they do work before going live.

What will I learn?

Edgesense educational course covers the following topics:

Can I have a look at the performance of strategies developed by your students?

Of course. Contact us to get a free consultancy on how Edgesense educational course can help you achieving your goals and watch the presentation which features a number of students’ works. You will see how a trading idea transforms from its initial, raw form with unattractive performance to the robust full-features strategy ready to be run live under TradeStation or MultiCharts.

What is included?

3 months of one-on-one tuition with Alex Krishtop — the author of Edgesense market model, a recognized expert in forex and index futures, and in trading automation. Live classes are held over the Internet, therefore they are available to traders from all over the world.

The course contains not only theoretical information, but also a lot of practical examples. A number of existing trading systems are discussed in details during the course, many of them being actually employed with live accounts. Therefore students can start trading immediately after the course.

Successful students get lifetime assistance with their further developments and a membership in the elite closed (member-only) discussion forum where past students, and now market professionals, discuss actual, cutting edge developments and share ideas.

What is required?

First of all, your great desire to learn and work hard to improve your trading: to achieve the required level of proficiency which allows to stay on top of all changes in market regimes, avoid emotional decisions and even automate your trading systems.

Technically, all sample strategies considered in the course are written in EasyLanguage and therefore can be run under TradeStation or MultiCharts. Therefore any of these platforms is preferred to use during the course. However if you have sufficient proficiency in another trading platform and another programming language (like Java, C# and others) you can translate the codes developed in class and continue your development under the trading platform of your choice.

Read what former students say about Alex Krishtop and his trading education course:

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